Darromar is the capital city of Tethyr and where our adventurers first met.

The city is split into three major sections.

Old Town, the oldest part of the city, closest to the river, is also the poorest part of the city. It has mostly aging wooden buildings and many of those in the city that have questionable morals find themselves in this part of town.

Merchants Row is the largest district in Darromar and the most lively. It began as a single road hence the name but as the city grew beyond that size the name stuck all the same. Darromar is known for its tradespeople having a unique position by them competing in the quality of their goods as opposed to trying to undercut and beat each other on price.

Lion’s Rest latest district is the most recent edition of the city having cropped up after the city was made the capital of the kingdom and the royal castle’s construction. Many noble families wanting an ear to the monarch’s and their council began building homes in a gated community.

The royal castle is the biggest landmark in the city and can be seen from nearly every street in Darromar. It’s entrance is in Merchants Row but Lion’s Rest surrounds the rest of the castle walls.


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