Defenders of the Realm

The Mountain Pass

The Black Knights make their way to the Dwarves of Mt Thargill

The Party begin their journey to Mt Thargill where they hope to become allies with the Dwarves that dwell within. They trek through the mountain pass where Arileigh discovers Kobold tracks. As they follow the tracks they come across to flying Chirpers riden by Kobolds, perched on top of a ravine wall. They party are noticed and are thrust into battle.
The mighty flying beasts take the upper hand and Arileigh falls to their sharp talons. Raven is quick to come to her aid before the group are victorious against their foes.
After the battle the group search for a place to recuperate, they come across a frozen waterfall guarded by two flying chirpers. Raven sends Jasmin to investigate. Raven uses her eyes and informs the group that there is a large cavern hidden behind the waterfall with what appears to be a nest inside.
In need of the shelter the party launch a surprise attack on the chirpers. They fall quickly against the parties growing abilities.
Upon inspection the group find the nest holds an egg, and there are many bones and remains of the chirpers meals. Lygon discovers a great axe and Raven can tell it is magical and can be attuned to its user. Lygon spends the night stroking and attuning to his find.


Ytnim Emlee

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