Defenders of the Realm

Starting the search for Allies

Vin’mar talks to us about building allies, he has 2 suggestions:

Dwarves of Mt. Thargill, dwarfs have recently not been heard from, they mine for starmetal which may be important to withhold from Theren.

The Elves of Riatavin, a secretive bunch, they keep to themselves, this is where Theren came from before getting a seat on the council. They could be a great alliance as apposed to battleing against them as they are experts in the the arcane arts. This is where Ravens father works.

Raven suggests we build an alliance first with the Dwarves as this may help show the Elves our strength before asking for an alliance with them. All agree with this plan.

Lygon susses out Erod and he offers his services, we ask him to find information on Junta the leader of the Iron company. We hand over 60pp to Vin’mar to use at his discretion.
Vin’mar is given the responsability to protect the orb

At Zazesspur we purchase cold weather clothing, climbers kits, grappling hook, tents any other loose items.

The group sets out to the Mt Thargill, as they start to climb the snow begins to fall, falling heavier as they climb untill it gets to point where it becomes hard to see. As walking we pass some ice, slowing down to walk safer. We hear cutting through the wind a screach of some kind, a dark shape up above, several winged creatures.

Raven fires at the beasts which begins a battle against these large beasts. Lygon and Raven bring 2 of the beasts down with their arcane arts. Araligh tests out her new bow and kills the last one, she attempts to identify them and finds it as another varient of a chirper who Brathor agreed with. Lygon steps in and explains it is a type of dinosaur but should not normally be found in this area.


Ytnim Ytnim

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