Defenders of the Realm

The Untraveled Road

An absent Raven

With a sick Raven, the party decide to move on with haste. However coming around a bend in the road they almost run into a wee camp including a hobgoblin & two goblins (at first the group think it is the escaped hobgoblin from their last skirmish).
With Arileigh & Brathour swiftly taking out the goblins, the hobgoblin unleashes a frost storm taking both Noire & Beast out.
Arileigh finally catches the hobgoblin in the eye with an arrow finishing him off.
After reviving both Noire & Beast the party decide to travel at a slower pace. Travelling through the day without incident, the party set up camp.
Brathour taking first watch hears movement in the surrounding forest. Arileigh & Noire scout out the area discovering another hobgoblin with three chained apes.
After a discussion on whether to engage, with the decision split down the middle. Nymeria decides to take a closer look, but the hobgoblin & his apes are alerted to her movements.
With Raven still unwell & sitting the fight out & the other Black Knights not fully rested from their earlier fight the ensuing skirmish is a very close call.
With the hobgoblin taking out Nymeria, Brathour & Noire come to her defence.
With Brathour reviving Nymeria with a healing potion brought from camp. Noire gets pummelled into a blooded pulp by an ape just after shouting how the skirmish was swinging their way…
Beast finished the battle notching up his second kill, & arriving in the nick of time to defend Arileigh fiercely from attack.
After Nymeria revived Noire for a second time in one day, Noire could feel the stare of Brathour saying I warned against this fight…
After a long rest & level up they turn to Raven to notice their fellow Black Knight emitting a strange luminous glow…
Concerned looks are passed between the group…


Ytnim Noire

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