Defenders of the Realm

The Mountain Pass Continued

Mt Thargill is within reach

After waking up refreshed in the former cave home of the “chirpers” the Black Knights begin debating what to do with the remaining egg in the nest but that quickly ends after Brathour smashes the egg with his stonemaul covering himself with eggy goo. Arileigh then decides to sense for any kobalts nearby before the group sets out to find Mt Tharguil but comes up empty.

After being on the mountain pass for some time Arileigh tries this again and this time the presence of kobalts is detected nearby at which point Raven sends out Jasmin to find them. However after waiting some time Jasmin does not return and the group sneaks closer to the ridgeline to see what has happened only to find another of these massive winged dinosaurs with five cobalts on its back heading in the groups direction. Attempting to hide unsuccessfully the group gets attacked by the kobalts and Lygon finds himself overwhelmed with the urge to use his newly caressed battle axe. The kobalts put up a tough fight but are eventually defeated but not before telling the Black Knights that Aridais will destroy them. with the fight coming to a close the group starts letting their guard down when out of nowhere Lygon lashes out at Brathour slashing him with his axe. Brathour never one to back from a challenge strikes back as the rest of the group struggle to bring Lygon under control. A brief moment of clarity from his affliction Lygon yells at the group telling them to run away but the group continues to struggle with him eventually knocking him unconscious. Raven looks over Lygon and finds that the axe has cursed him and that he will attack indiscriminately attack anyone nearby if he succumbs to it. The Black Knights then take a moment to rest and recover from their wounds at which point Raven hears from her queen and gains newfound powers.

The group then sets out on the mountain pass once again and come accross a entrance to a cave and apon entering it find a large dwarven door locked shut. The group tries unsuccessfully to find a key to the door nearby and Arileigh senses the presence of a large number of kobalts past the door so the group decides to come back another time.

After being on the mountain pass for another few hours Arileigh once again senses the presence of kobalts up ahead but before the group has time to react kobalts leap out of the snow ambushing the black knights. A mighty battle erupts as the group battles six kobalts and two sky terrors and at first everyone holds firm but after a relentless attack Lygon, Beast, and Arileigh are incapacitated as the the kobalts are whittled down. Raven darts in between all the action slamming healing potions down the throats of all who go down and the tide turns in favor of the black knights. After seeing many of their allies fall the two remaining kobalts try to flee on the back of the last sky terror but the combined firepower of the group brings it down. Everyone rushes over to finish the job but only find one kobalt body crushed under the sky terror. After a quick search however the Black Knights find the remaining kobalt named Pozi who quickly pleads for mercy and promises to help the group on their quest giving them information on the guards at the main gate.

The group sets off to find the main gate but before they get close they find two more huge winged sky terrors lurking up above the cave where the group spent the night. They cry out at finding the remains of their kin on the mountain side and the group successfully sneaks past them avoiding what would have been an unpleasant encounter.

With the main gate only a few miles away Arileigh only senses the presence of three kobalts ahead and the group decides to send Pozi ahead to draw them out while they set up an ambush. The plan however backfires and Pozi predictably betrays the group leading the kobalts back to attack with two more sky terrors. However after a long and difficult fight the Black Knights emerge victorious with all the kobalts slain and the path to the gate clear they set out to finally meet the dwarves of Mt.Thargill


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