Defenders of the Realm

The Hag of Erdale

Black Knights resumes adventures

After our battle with the swarms of ravens we turn to see a small cottage in the middle of a beautiful field, all but Arilegh know it’s a trick as we move closer.

An old lady’s voice comes from inside the cottage “what are you doing dearies?”
Brathour and Raven look at each other and then approach the cottage “what are you doing living all the way out here?” asked Brathour. Raven casts detect thoughts

“Come inside” replies the lady and so they both step inside. Raven immediately confronts the lady “drop this facade”. The Old lady drops the spell and underneath a dirt rotting ruins appear, Arilegh gasps with shock and confusion. The Lady herself also changes, she is hunched over and wrinkled, she has clawed hands and a black/purple skin tone, she is covered in oozing scabs and welts. She is the Hag terrorising the village.

Peggie Knucelbones looks around the group “What do you desire?” she asks “your daughter” settling her gaze on Nymeria, “knowledge” moving her eyes to Raven. “We are here for Sarah and Stephie” replied Raven who can here the Hags thoughts “Sarah is me, Stephie is part of me, sacrifice”

Peggie Knucelbones responds “stop meddling in my town” and then offers Raven spells as payment for them to leave. Nymeria steps forward and declines the offers of knowledge “I would not trust someone like you even for that”

Raven then questions the Hag further “do you stay here at Erdale to be close to your father?” and then uses his charming fey presence. Peggie Knucelbones laughs toward Raven and says “you will have to do better than that dearie”

Noire then suddenly shoots and arrow at the hag, she disappears before it hits and we see her darting into the waterfall across the field.

At the waterfall we find a 50ft wide pool at the entrance to a cave, testing the waters we see dark shapes under the water Brathour attempted to cross against the wall but struggles, his foot slips into the water and fish begin attacking his flesh. Nymeria takes her spider shape to scale the rock wall around the pool into the waterfall. Raven and Beast make it across expertly and then Arilegh follows, she however falls into the water, Beast ready’s to jump in to help her but Arilegh tells him to stop as she does not want him hurt in the water. Raven throws out a rope and pulls her into the cave. Noire is last and climbs across with his great acrobatic skills.
In the cave is a tunnel, raven’s dancing lights move up ahead until they cast a light on the Hags shadow.

“Come out come out where ever you are. Surly you not afraid of a little group like us now are you?” Raven taught as noire slips the potion of heroism. Nymeria scouts as her spider on the ceiling of the cave and then beast senses something, she is here.

Peggie Knucelbones then suddenly appears and attacks with her claws at raven who responds with an eldritch blast. Nymeria drops on tops of the hag and bites into her with her poison fangs.
Arilegh lands a marked arrow into the hag, noir coming at her from the shadows behind with his dagger and rapier. The surprise is all too much when beast pounces and Brathour swings his maul.

Peggie Knucelbones then casts a spell, sending Nymeria and Beast into a magical slumber. Raven looks her in the eye and said “that magic doesn’t work on me little girl” Noir comes up from behind again and steals her human skin sack from her side and sneaks back to the shadows.

Raven takes another clawed attack to the chest and in on the edge of death when Arilegh and Noire attack again, this time Peggie Knucelbones disappears into the darkness once she realises her sack is missing.
We all run back to where Noire has hidden the sack, there is nothing inside so Raven taunts the hag again, tying the sack to his belt, noir attempts to steal the sack for himself but is unable to do so.

Peggie Knucelbones then begins to discuss the terms for her to leave the town and never return to any of the surrounding areas of Darromir. She makes an agreement with binding words and each of the party receive something they desire when they give the sack back.

Raven is handed a small black book containing ritual spells to identify and locate magic.

Nymeria “your child is somewhere familiar to this one (raven) she is with the fey”

Arilegh ‘lover boy, captured by hobgoblin army, on the move 200miles south of here”

Brathour “stumpy one, the Orc that commanded to attack on your village goes by the name Lash”

The hag the placed a hand on Noir, as she touched him his scar burns “you are marked by dark magic, I cannot touch your body while this is here. But perhaps this” draws hand across his armour and gives it a “magical nature”

Peggie Knucelbones then disappears from the cave.


Ytnim Noire

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