Defenders of the Realm

The search for Harry's daughter

Returning to Erdale after successfully dispatching of the Peryton threat to the mine the group headed straight to Harry’s houes to update him on the search for his daughter. After being met by a grumpy and irritated Harry he tells the group of a woman who has been continually asking him on the whereabouts of her son before swiftyly shutting the door in Noire’s face. The very different behavior of the once friendlier blacksmith comes as quite a shock to the black knights and Lady Nymeria determined to get to the bottom of it turns into a mouse and sneaks into Harry’s house to investigate. Once inside Nymeria finds Harry alone on his bed with his head in his hands clearly exhausted and upset with recent events. With no further help they can offer Harry the group sets off to find the woman Harry spoke of.

After a short walk to the woman’s house the group meets Marlia who tells the black knights of the disappearance of her son Stephy and his relationship with Harry’s daughter Sarah. Believing that Sarah was a bad influence on her son she soon tells the group about Sarah’s mother Lucie and the group of hags that tried to steal Sarah away from her when she was only a baby. Being a quite capable warrior herself Lucie had rallied the towns men to fight the group of hags at their lair to the north of Erdale but in the during the fight Lucie was killed. The town however was successful in rescuing Sarah and defeating the hags. After telling the story of Sarah’s mother the group asks about how the search for her son has been going. Marlia explained that the towns ranger Arte has been of searching for him and hasn’t returned. On being questioned on his possible whereabouts Marlia tells the black knights of Arte’s house on the outskirts of town and hopes that they can find him and her son and return him to her. The black knights after a long day head to the pub for the night to resume the search in the morning.

Waking up to a mostly empty pub (barn) the group sets off to find Arte’s house and soon come apon it. Arileigh Scouting ahead of the rest of the group employs her skill as a ranger and discovers footprints of what seems to be of a large human leading up to the front door. Finding the door locked Noire unrolls his thieves tools and soon opens the door. Apon entering the house the group finds a large map on the wall filled with various notations on hobgoblin movement in the area. Brathour and Raven go over the notes and find there is quite a sizeable force of hobgoblins in the south and east operating under various clans and gangs . Raven copies the notes down for future reference and Arileigh and Noire search the rest of the house finding various information on perytons and hags most noteworthy being the mention of silvered weapon needed to fight hags. Not finding anything else of use the group leaves Arte’s house and Arileigh covers the group’s tracks leaving no trace of them ever being there.

Arriving back in town the black knights head over to Harry’s to get some of their weapons silvered. After a less than welcoming greeting from Harry Raven asks if he would silver some weapons for them and after a lot of angry questions on the need for them Harry agrees to silver their weapons. The Black Knights then head back to the pub for the night where Noire starts on a fresh batch of poison and Nymeria and Raven unsuccessfully search for a club.

Apon waking the next day the black knights then head to Harry’s to get the silvered weapons but find the forge eerily silent. After knocking repeatedly on the door but getting no answer Noir picks the lock and opens the door to find Harry armed and furious at the break in. Clearly not himself Harry accuses the group of trying to rob him and threatens them but after being intimidated by Raven he somewhat comes to his senses and hands over the silvered weapons.

Leaving the town with freshly silvered weapons the black knights head north to find the hags lair and soon come apon a part of the road lined with dead trees running down either side filled with thousands of ravens who are staring at the group. As the group starts moving closer the ravens start cawing all at the same time and the further the group ventures the louder and louder they become. Raven dismounts from her horse and begins to cast comprehend all languages but as she does so the ravens take flight from the trees and swoop down to attack the black knights. Arileigh reacts quickly and casts fog cloud leaving everyone disorientated and blind to everyones whereabouts. The ravens strike down and Nymeria and Arileigh take damage. The group then decides to try to escape the ravens and take off up the road after regrouping at the edge of the fog cloud. After gaining some distance from the swarms the group comes to a clearing with a cottage that matches the description of the hags lair but notice the ravens have regrouped and would be apon them soon. Everyone in the group except for Arileigh notices that the cottage and clearing is an illusion and then prepare for the coming swarms. As the swarm comes closer Lady Nymeria unleashes a devastating attack with her ice knife spell killing many ravens. Noir lunging at ravens with his rapier then runs for Brathour and jumps off his back in another attack with his dagger,Brathour the finished off the last of the swarm that was attacking Noir cutting the last raven down with his stonemaul. Beast tries and fails at catching any stray ravens as Arileigh keeps firing volley after volley at the ravens taking some damage as they swoop down and attack. Raven destroys a swarm with her eldritch blast. Noir runs out from Brathours protection and gets knocked down unconcious as a swarm of ravens swoop at him as he makes his dash. Brathour steps over Noir’s body and continues swiping at swarms of ravens with the maul before Nymeria casts a flaming sphere engulfing all the remaining ravens in flames. With all the swarms dealt with Raven uses a healing potion on Noir as the rest of the group prepares for whats ahead.


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