Defenders of the Realm

Running Errands for Emilia Lioncourt

Delving into Kobolt Caves

The group take a respite of a day to recoup and replenish their supplies with their loot and reward money. Armour and weapons high on most lists while others ventured off on their own to acquire less acceptable items.

After meeting up with superior his quest leads us to the city walls. Arileigh squeezes through a crack in the wall following the trail of a strange thief and kipnapper or killer of guards. The trail leads to a cave. The group assembles and descends inside.

Noire takes the lead to check for traps only to stumble over one himself. He was lucky enough that Raven pushed him aside taking a hit to the head her/himself. The group are thrust into battle with four giant centipedes!

Swift kills from Noire and Arileigh, a huge miss from Brathour, half damage from Nymeria’s fire and an eldrich blast to the face from Raven. The centipedes are down.

The group take a minute to catch their breath as Arileigh and with the grudging help of Brathour retrieves her daggers from inside the body of one of the beasts.

The group continues this time with Raven in the lead searching for traps. Raven sets off another trap. Poisonous darts shoot out catching Raven and Brathour. Brathour shakes off the damage but Raven needs the aid of a healing potion before she/he can continue.

Nymeria and Arileigh take the lead detecting no traps along the way before coming to a fork in the tunnel. Selecting to go further down it leads into a cavern where they can see one of the guards they are after.

Arileigh goes to his aid but a gelatinous goop falls from the roof cutting Arileigh off from the rest of the group. Battle begins…

A mighty sweep of Brathours axe and the group now have two jellys to fight. An eldrich blast turns one into liquid and a spear ends the other but the group did not come out unscathed with Nymeria and Arileigh taking damage.

Raven assesses the guard but we are too late.


Ytnim Noire

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