Defenders of the Realm


Returned from the Fey

Brathour pokes Layla making sure it is no illusion. Layla and Nymeria hug and there is a flurry of questions and answers.
Layla has been with the queen of air and darkness and grown to be 100 years old. She has been sent on a mission and part of it was to stop Amelia from summoning a fiend.
Most of the party begin to help and talk to the villagers as Nymeria and Layle chat about more personal matters.
Harry explains that Amelia hired him to make the cages although he had no idea how they were going to be used.
Everyone helps the villagers with the wounded and deceased, back in Erdale graves are dug and a funeral held. With mixed emotions the party drink and chat away at the towns only pub. Brathour confides in Arileigh that he doesn’t trust Layla and her motives.
In the morning the group are quick to head off towards the city. Arileigh scouts ahead of the group and comes across another group heading back towards Erdale. The party consist of 1 half elf, 2 dwarfs and 3 humans they question Arileigh closely about a half elf, elf and tielfing traveling together. She feels they are talking about her own traveling group so quickly wraps it up and back tracks to warn everyone. The party scramble to hide as the second group pass by. With more reason to get away from the area the group travel more swiftly down the road.
With the new fast pace the group are caught unaware as an arrow just misses hitting anyone and a wild elf jumps out of the brush hitting Brathour with a great axe. Vines entangle all the horses and the party can see 3 different wild elves.
The wild elves are no match for the coordinated attacks of the party and only Brathour comes away with wounds.
Further down the track the group make camp and although Arileigh hears travellers on the road the group have an uneventful rest.
Last day before arriving at the city the group hear some odd thumping, they leave the road to investigate and come across 3 bug bears and 1 hobgoblin attempting to tie down a dinosaur. The group jumps in to the defence of the poor animal.
The bug bears drop like flys and the hob goblin follows soon after. Immediately Brathour begins a ritual to speak to the beast and Noire and Raven untangled it from the ropes. The dinosaur runs off as the last rope breaks free. Brathour misses his chance to speak with it but is not discouraged.


Ytnim Emlee

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