Defenders of the Realm

Introducing Lygon

Setting out to find the castle the Black Knights come to the outskirts of the city of Zazesspur. Apon entering the city the group quickly notices that Arileigh seems a bit on edge but seems to know her way around the city quite well. After getting into the heart of the city Vinmar says his goodbyes and sets off to find more allies for the coming fight. Finally getting the chance to get some supplies and purchase equipment the group splits up and scours the city in search of some bargains. After meeting up again Raven suggests finding a shop to identify the numerous unknown potions that she possesses and quickly finds a gnome that seems to offer a fair price for the time spent to work out their properties. But before the deal is struck he is quickly interrupted by a loud commanding voice calling out the knome as a cheat. The tall well armoured man that steps forward introduces himself to the group as Lygon and offers to identify our potions for free. The group agrees and much to the knome’s dismay Lygon has a small sip of each potion and tells Raven of their properties. Lygon is introduced to each member of the Black Knights and impresses Brathour in particular by returning his overly firm handshake with one of his own. Raven asks Lygon to accompany them to the local tavern with the offer of many free ales to compensate him for identifying the potions he agrees and the group makes hast to the nearest pub. After many drinks at the tavern Brathour decides to treat the locals to some “real music” by attempting to play a song on his newly purchased bagpipes but ends up more torturing the ears of all those nearby as his playing suffers in his state of drunkenness. The Bar keeper very quickly politely asks Brathour to sit back and listen to the paid musicians. Raven heads to her room where she spends some time summoning Jasmin back into existance. Jasmin returns as a bat. Brathour continues to down drinks then drunkenly enlightens Lygon about their escape from Darromir and their quest to back Princess (or should I say Queen) Zandra as the rightful heir to the throne. They will do so from the cursed castle not far away and Lygon should join them in the takeover as there should be some mighty monsters to fight.
In the morning with a new member ready for action the Black Knights set out for the castle but apon coming closer the group notices the ground rumble then stop which increases in severity the close to the castle they get. Coming to the end of the path up the group stops at the edge of a chasm that separates them from the castle and after a lengthy amount of time getting a rope across everyone makes they’re way over some much easier than others. Once inside the outer walls of the castle the group notices that the castle has taken its fair share of damage over the time it has been abandoned and begin looking through the rubble. As the search begins the ground rumbles again louder and more menacing than before and a great rock figure breaks out of the ground and begins engaging the Black Knights. After a lengthy fight the Black Knights emerge scathed but victorious and begin they’re search again.


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