Defenders of the Realm

Interrogate the Bandit

Interrogate Bandit to find out the location of his hideout.

Set of in the night to find the hideout. Ariliegh & Noire scout ahead to find a way in where there set upon by a Halfling on a Mastif.

With the element of surprise gone, an all out battle ensues. Our party of adventurers come out on top but not without the battle taking its toll.

Noire was fatally wounded. Raven took a severe hit trying to protect Noire & was healed by Nymeria.

The spoils of war was the bandits treasure & it was all ours. Also found in a tent was a letter giving detailed information to the bandits signed with the Initals FJ?

The cart of spoils was carried back to Tethyr by Brathour along with Noire. Within the cart was the stolen goods from the young farmer Tedric met in the Black Knight who supplied the vital information in finding the bandits.

Brought the information about the letter back to Emilia Lioncourt.

All levelled up to level 2.


Ytnim Noire

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