Defenders of the Realm

Inside the Mountian

After defeating the kobolds guarding the entrance to the mountain we are greated by some dwarfs who let us inside the city and take us to Nan.
Azgrim the dwarven leader
Raynor the cleric leader
Hurusk the forge leader
Nan asks our names and spits on Brathours name, unsure of his families living above ground.

Inside the tavern The Eminent Mazipan is a mix a dwarves and a gnome, as we enter Brathour ans Araligh approach the bar and the gnome organizes some rooms. He is interested in kobolds being cleared out of the mountain passes.

After a nights rest Azgrim summons us to one of the temples, in a small meeting room we are presented to 3 dwarfs. We introduce ourselves to Azgrim, Raynor speaks up and introduce himself as the voice or Moridan, Hurusk hammershot offers his forge services.

Raven tells of the troubles in Darromir, Azgrim understands
Hurusk, we are in a bit of a bind ourselves.
Azgrim our city, the life blood has been stolen, heart of the mountain is what our city survives on. A magical devine blessed item, it spews forth a river of lava hot enough to forge our starmetal, it was also the light and heat of our city. When the kobolds cut us off we were not tok worried but then the races of the underdark came to trade but the embassidors stole the heart of our mountain. We have sent some of our best trackers after them but they have not returned. The kobolds have made their presence known beforehand, this city was built centuries ago and so there are many secrets hiden in the city.

Araligh ‘who stole the heart and how?
Azgrim ’drow, duragar, there are bags that can contain it but theirs seemed to be faulty as they have left a trail of lava.’
Raynor ‘enough Moridan will help us’
Raven convinces them that by using the devine power to heal our party member of a curse then we could retrieve the heartstone and that would be Moridans divine work helping them.
We sign a contract for the removal of the curse and the allied forces of the dwarven city in exchange for returning the heartstone of the city which Raven signs.

The cleric removes the curse off Lygon who drops the axe.
Brathor punches Lygon to test it works and there is no retaliation.
Lygon summons his hallbird.
We then went shopping

Then we were taken down the elevator to the lowest level of the mine. We were told that the last group to follow had a container of sorts with them and so we would need to find this to transport the heartstone back.

Following the trail of lava we ventrue down the natural caves with glowing fungi on the walls, the tempreture rises up as they turn a corn and find a slow flow of lava, cutting through the lava.
Brathour uses the grappling hook and swings across the stream, Beast and Araligh jump across together, Lygon swings across, Raven then swings across with the assistance of Brathour.

We then find sign of the lava and so Raven cast invisability on himslef and Araligh, they scout up to a large stalitigh where they can see the lava. They push open the door at the top and make a small gust of wind that attracts a small dark dwarven man who slams the door closed.
Raven and araligh bursts into the room, and everyone battles a mixture of humans a duragar. Jasmin is killed and so Raven becomes emotional.
As the group explore the maze of corridors and rooms they find a a torture chamber where a guard sets off a fireball, incinerating himself, the prisioners and Lygon, saying ‘Fierna’ who is an archdevil of the 9 hells.
A creature covered in barbs and green skin comes up to the entrance and through a rough battle the black knights notice it has no effect from poision and resistance to slashing. Brathour brings it down in the final blow and then snaps off a shard from its back


Ytnim Ytnim

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