Defenders of the Realm



Raven researches the golden orb and finds information about ‘Orbs of Dragonkind’, in a paladin’s journal it is lead to believe that the orbs could have helped them in defeating a dragon but did not locate it. Raven also found reference to it being used in a war against evil dragons. Elves and humans fought in a place called Krynn where they fought a battle against them and barely survived (folk lore story). The Orbs contain the essence of an evil dragon and they have some power over these evil dragons, there is mention of it being used to cast spells of some kind. Being a magical item it is said to be able to save someone from death or cure wounds.
His research then turns to Green Dragons where he learns that they are the most cunning and they use trickery to get the upper hand on others. Their breath weapon and immunity is poison.

Arileigh makes a disguise and back story before heading into the city, she comes across a wanted list with traitors to the crown on it, the BlackKnights and Vin’Mar are at the top of that list. She sets out looking for magical items and finds 2 healing potions and a potion of climbing. Over the next 2 weeks she then finds a traveling merchant with a few items, he has a potion of Supreme Healing, oil of sharpness, and a bow. The bow is inscribed with intricate wings, its incredibly light and very angelic, the merchant has traveled from the lands of the south, he tells her that the bow was crafted by a sect of a long lost god to channel his power. He picks it up and mutters a word and the bow glows with light and then it returns back to its form. The bow cost 200gp for she buys it without hesitation and leans the word to activate the enchantment ‘bliss’

Brathour spends his first week closing up the entrance to the underdark under the castle, the then reiforced more of the structural walls.Then he heads off to the pits to brawl for winnings, he wins some matches and makes friends/building respect. With a second week of victories he returns with 200gp of winnings and the pride of a lion.

Lygon does some religous service at a temple in the cirt and earns a a favour from Wake an acolyte at the temple. And then returned to the keep to continue building moral with our current workers. Joins Dresdak to help research and gain knowledge abojt the arcane arts, it becomes aparent to him that there may be space for another in this ritual.

Dresdak comes to us an demonstrates the ritual spell and the ground rumbles, the walls then are reinforced with natural rock formations (resistance to bludgening, slashing and peircing) and the wind swirls around above ( ranged has disadvantage) and darkens the sky again to avoid detection from the outsiders.

Vin’mar looks into the wanted list and some why are on it are currently with us already, a few he doesn’t know but assumes the list is from Theren and who may threaten his rule. A contingent of the iron company has come to Zazesspur and people are now staying away at night, steering clear of the new guards. He also has news of a great battle has erupted between the iron company and hob goblins to the east of Darromar.

A half elf found snooping the castle, attempting to pass through but caught by Vin’mar. Erod believes that information pays well, in exchange for his life he offers his services of a spy, we keel him for forced manual labour.


Ytnim Ytnim

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