Defenders of the Realm

An Audience with Royalty

A return to Darromir

The exhausted adventures finally approach the city of Darromir. They have learnt so much during their travels and are eager to receive some answers from Theron.
The guards at the city gates are not those that the party recognise so they approach with caution. They pass with no disruptions.
Nymeria and Layla say farewell to the rest of the group as they begin their journey home together.
Raven, Noire, Brathour and Arileigh make their way to the barracks to hopefully find Vinmar and get his support to speak directly with the royal family and Theron.
They find Vinmar easily enough, upon hearing of their adventures and the possible hidden intentions of Theron he is quick to support their plan to reveal all directly to the King and Queen.
The group march into the castle, leaving poor Beast at the front, where they confront Theron and the king and queen in the throne room.
The group haul a flurry of information and accusations as Raven detects thoughts on Theron. He seems relieved that the group uncovered the orb but before anyone can do anything Brathours stone maul is ripped out of his hands with magic and it flies into the head of the Queen, crushing her skull. Theron then points at the king and he is engulfed in flames. He calls out to the guards accusing the party of murdering the king and queen.
Theron was able to leave via a back door as the group defend themselves against heavily armed guards.
The battle is long and bloody but the team emerge victorious and are quick to escape the castle.


Ytnim Emlee

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