Defenders of the Realm

A Monarch Falls

The Black Knights Run

After the death of the King and Queen the group make a run for the city walls and it is quickly aparent that Noir is missing without a trace, they come across ‘Lions Rest’ where 3 nooses are set up and 2 prisoners are being taken up to the stage, 1 blue dragonborn and Marawyn. Raven blasts one of the guards without warning and this starts a small battle and all the guards are killed. We release the prisoners and Vin’Mar leads js toward the city wall.
We find a crack in the wall where a tree has grown under the foundations and yet to be repaired.

Vin’Mar climbs the tree but Raven falls down from a hight, Araligh slides through the crack but Brathor is unable to fit so he instead climbs up the tree and defends against coming guards with a javilin. Beast comes running from the city and crawls through the crack with Arileghs encouragaement, Raven copies but also gets stuck untill he budsts out the otherside.

Outside the city in farm land we run to the forest to hide.
Marwyn “Thankyou for saving me, whats happened, why were you running”
Vin’Mar " Theren betrayed us, i suggest we stay in the wilderness to stay undetected. I cannot let Theren take my city!"
Brathour “What can we do?”
Vin ‘Mar “with the king and queen dead the next in line to the throne is the Queens sister, she is like you, an adventure seeker, restless as far as princesses go. If we find her she can support us to build our allies. Her name is Zandra”
Araligh “what were you being punished for”
Marwyn “insubordination, i struck an iron company officer”
Vin’Mar " I do not trust them, the leader Jounta has a reputation of being barbaric and very secretive. We need resources and allies as the odds are against us. I ask you all the same, help me free my lands a d restore princess Zandra to her rightful place"
Everyone agrees , Brathour " I know what it is like to loose you home so you have me"
Vin’Mar " I do not know where Zandra will be, someone in the city could find more info but we first need somewhere to rally, a beacon of hope. There is a place but I think it is impossible. A castle in the west, Castle of Tethryn. It would be in ruin, but it is atop of cliffs and naturally protected. Said to be cursed its grounds tremble and skys are stormy. If we could secure this castle it would be a symbol of hope. If Theren has gone as far as to murder others may aid us."


Ytnim Ytnim

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