Defenders of the Realm

During a restless slumber Raven is given a vision form the Queen of the Summer Court. Raven walks though a deserted fey wild, a familiar place but somehow strange. No souls in sight when the Queens voice can be heard behind Raven, cool and terrifying “there is a town near by, follow what you find there to help our kind. If you do this I may forgive your transgressions”
Raven wakes up with a start and all the camp are looking confused. with no explanation they begin to travel on.

The group come across Erdale and it is completely deserted, not a person in sight. the group split up the search for the villagers. Brathour finds himself in the tavern and helps himself to some ale. Noir is about to slip into Harry’s house to look for some gold when Arileigh calls out. She had found all the peoples tracks leading the the town centre and then they stop, there are strange marking on the ground that are not animalistic or natural but they lead into the forest. The Black Nights set off to save the villagers from what ever horrors they had come too.

They come to a clearing up ahead and can see movement, Raven pulls out the Potion of Clairvoyance they fold some while ago, after casting a language spell Raven drinks the potion. Raven reports back to the group that there is 4 large metal cages containing all the villagers, they are guarded by some small fling creatures, imps. In the centre of the circle of cages is a large pool of water and floating in the centre is Emilia Lioncourt. She is casting some sort of ritual spell as she chants and concentrates.

The heroes align themselves and prepare to attack, Noir is the first to fire but as he does Emilia turns to look at him and laughs. Screams then come from each of the cages as Emilia drains some of their life force. A woman falls down dead and Emilia is completely healed from Noir’s arrow.
The plan quickly changes and Brathour chargers forward to attack an imp, as he pounds it into the ground he also swings at the cage, breaking a lock and allowing the villagers to run to safety.
Raven then receives a whisper in the ear from the Queen that shatters Ravens faith in her “Kill the villagers”
Beast pounces forward and another imp is pinned to the ground while Araligh brings up a magical fog cloud around Emilia, as she does so a dark cloud appears in above the fog and more screams from villagers as she draws more energy to feed her spell.
Noir taunts Emilia and questions her motives and master “I am doing my masters will” she replies
Brathour charges forward a second time and breaks open the second cage, Nymeria uses an ice knife on an imp and this freezes the 3rd cages lock which allows Noir to crack it with the butt of his blade.
Raven dashes up to the pool and Arileigh follows. Lightning the slams into the fog and a child in the last cage falls to his death as the others scream in horrific tortured screeches. Emilia then sayd “you are doing well my former friends, I am almost done and my master will reward me”
Raven Breaks at this statement and screams “no reward is worth this!”
Brathour breaks the final cage but before the villagers can escape another imp appears in the doorway, Noir sneaks up behind Brathour and digs a silvered rapier into its chest. At this Raven then blasts Emilia through the fog cloud and we all hear a splash. Raven screams again “No reward in the world is worth these innocents, my master wanted me to help you kill these people but I wont”
Em,ilia replies “You have no idea, your master may not have wanted you to help me little feyling” And then Emilia disappears.

As the realisation settles in that she is gone a voice can be heard by all, Ravens Queen speaks to the Black nights
“Those who travel with my child, you do not know what you have done for my kind. Perhaps not the most direct way but I will reward you.
I will return what has been lost”
“Arte” calls out Arileigh
the pool in the clearing begins to ripple and a light shines from below, forming a pillar as it rises up. A being then comes to the edge of the pool, a young but fully grown elven female. Brathour recognises the similarities in her face and then the woman looks directly at Nymeria.
Nymeria is overcome with emotion and falls to her knees and bursts into tears of love, joy and relief.
“You have no idea, your master


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A Luminous Raven.

Cool, looks awesome.

A Luminous Raven.
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