Defenders of the Realm


In the morning after they return the heart stone Arileigh overheards that the roads are still clear to the mountain and more dwarfs have arrived here.

A young dwarf approaches the group and offers a job proposition: to locate a vein of ore for the Kings Sword Blacksmith who will mine it and produce items, discounted to us of course.
Current Sondar is but a piece of the anchient mountain and there may be iron or stariron to find.
Algar and Raven negotiate the logo to combind.
Raven abuses the inn keeper.

As they leave a woman dwarf recognises Brathor
Aira says you caused my families death, the distruction of my home, and ruined my life. Prepare to fight me for your pride.
As she attacks Brathor falls to the ground crying and is so overwhelmed by her being alive.
A. We survived because of your brother. You are the coward
B. He lies
A. Why would he do such things
B. I dont know
A. Will you return to find justice
She handcuffs Brathour and so Raven interjects and says they are not taking him
L. Can he be tried here?
R. There are magics that can reach into his mind to see his thoughts lets find someone to do that.
They suggest that they go to the druids of mosstown.
Raven and Arileigh settle their affairs and prepare to go with them .
Lygon discussed the event with Brathor.

They head to Zassapur where again the group run some errands where Raven steals some war paint.
They rent mounts and head off. During the night they are ambushed by an Orog, and Orc War Chief, and Orc Blade of Iineval.

When they reach Mosstone it is a walled town nere the coast with a tall oak tree hanging over the town.
We are taken to Douvren
A. We have him
D. What thats not possible he died a traitoress death at the hand of the orc
A. We located him
B. Is this the way to great me brother (holding up shackels)
D. My brother died
B. You are lying, you dont recognise your own brother
D. He is no longer my brother, end him
B. You killed that orc
A. He makes clames I cannot verify
B. I never thought he would lie
D. Aira dont believe him, you and I saved the survivors

Raven and Brathour convince Douver to undergo the magic to test the truth with the druid.
They go to the oak tree where some wood elves are.
After some discussion and a generous dination they reach into Brathours mind.
The Druid sees Brathours memory if waking to the sounds of battle and his father fighting an orc and then falling. Experiencing his first rage he slashes the face of an Orc and then is knocked unconsious when waking no one can be found.

The druid then attempts to read Douvens mind, he then runs.

Raven and Lygon react immediatly but with no effect, beast pounces on him. Aira wishes to catch him but we chase after. He goes to his house which Brathour breaks down the door, Douvern has a sheild and spear.

After a fight between Brathour, Douvren and Aira breaks out Douvren yeilds and begs for mercy.
D. I snuck into their camp and i slew that bastard
B. You damed us all
D. They touched me until i told them everything, by the time i got back i saw thou take that blade and vanish in the fire. I thought i could lead them and make up for what i did.
B. You betrayed us and you will pay for your crimes.
Aira exicutes him.


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