Defenders of the Realm

Gathering of a Fellowship
Character creation
Beginnings of Champions
The Hunt for Bandits

Our campaign began in the greeting room of the royal castle of Tethyr, Emilia Lioncourt welcomed us and explained briefly the growing situation with the bandits in the lands around Darromar. We accepted her challenge to bring back proof of eliminating the bandit threat and set off on our journey. 

With information from an eye witness we followed the river upstream. Our first day and night was uneventful and we continued on, the second day we came across a large spider that attempted to attack our group. 
Nymeria cast a spell to charm the spider but was unsuccessful so she cast a poison spray to slow the spider down. Arileigh made an expect shot with her bow, killing the beast, but alerting 2 more to our presence. Noire suffered an injury to the shoulder before leaping on the back of the spider and jabbing it in the eyes, bringing it down. Brathour's great axe sliced the legs from the last spider and Raven delivered a lethal eldritch blast.

As the group moved on an made camp Brathour noticed a group of humanoid figures progressing through the darkness toward their camp. Raven fired 2 eldritch blasts at them as a warning but they continued to advance. 
Noire was quick to act in stealth and stabbed a man up the bum, then in a great rage Brathour's giant axe cut one man in two, one of the men retaliated by shooting Raven who was on the verge of death when Nymeria rushed to aid and healed Raven who then cast a spell projecting a spray of fire toward the last two men. One man was completely incinerated and the other was disabled by another of Arileigh's arrows.

Here is were we will continue our adventure, with the last man in our custody ready for questioning.

Interrogate the Bandit

Interrogate Bandit to find out the location of his hideout.

Set of in the night to find the hideout. Ariliegh & Noire scout ahead to find a way in where there set upon by a Halfling on a Mastif.

With the element of surprise gone, an all out battle ensues. Our party of adventurers come out on top but not without the battle taking its toll.

Noire was fatally wounded. Raven took a severe hit trying to protect Noire & was healed by Nymeria.

The spoils of war was the bandits treasure & it was all ours. Also found in a tent was a letter giving detailed information to the bandits signed with the Initals FJ?

The cart of spoils was carried back to Tethyr by Brathour along with Noire. Within the cart was the stolen goods from the young farmer Tedric met in the Black Knight who supplied the vital information in finding the bandits.

Brought the information about the letter back to Emilia Lioncourt.

All levelled up to level 2.

Running Errands for Emilia Lioncourt
Delving into Kobolt Caves

The group take a respite of a day to recoup and replenish their supplies with their loot and reward money. Armour and weapons high on most lists while others ventured off on their own to acquire less acceptable items.

After meeting up with superior his quest leads us to the city walls. Arileigh squeezes through a crack in the wall following the trail of a strange thief and kipnapper or killer of guards. The trail leads to a cave. The group assembles and descends inside.

Noire takes the lead to check for traps only to stumble over one himself. He was lucky enough that Raven pushed him aside taking a hit to the head her/himself. The group are thrust into battle with four giant centipedes!

Swift kills from Noire and Arileigh, a huge miss from Brathour, half damage from Nymeria’s fire and an eldrich blast to the face from Raven. The centipedes are down.

The group take a minute to catch their breath as Arileigh and with the grudging help of Brathour retrieves her daggers from inside the body of one of the beasts.

The group continues this time with Raven in the lead searching for traps. Raven sets off another trap. Poisonous darts shoot out catching Raven and Brathour. Brathour shakes off the damage but Raven needs the aid of a healing potion before she/he can continue.

Nymeria and Arileigh take the lead detecting no traps along the way before coming to a fork in the tunnel. Selecting to go further down it leads into a cavern where they can see one of the guards they are after.

Arileigh goes to his aid but a gelatinous goop falls from the roof cutting Arileigh off from the rest of the group. Battle begins…

A mighty sweep of Brathours axe and the group now have two jellys to fight. An eldrich blast turns one into liquid and a spear ends the other but the group did not come out unscathed with Nymeria and Arileigh taking damage.

Raven assesses the guard but we are too late.

Delving further into the Kobold caves...

After removing the sash of the fallen guard for proof the group of adventurers venture on further into the cave.

Lady Nymeria spots movement up ahead which leads to an encounter with a mutated Weasel creature & it’s magic wielding Kobold master.

Brathour charges forward screaming a mighty battle cry & hurls his javelin into the grotesquely mutated Weasel, piecing its shoulder blade. The Weasel strikes wildly, misses but lands on Brathour, whom shrugs it off in his rage.

Nymeria morphs into a giant Wolf Spider to the surprise of many, but has a leg chinged from the Kolbolds fireball.

After Brathour almost fatally wounds the mutated Weasel, Noire manages to kill it with a well aimed arrow through it’s mutated neck sack.

Content Not Found: raven hurls a Eldritch blast at the Kolbold, catching it in the face. Arileigh then disables the Kolbold with a arrow through it’s leg.

During a quick interrogation Content Not Found: raven uses Fey Presence to petrify the Kolbolt. Only to turn up information on ‘the Green One’ who has plans to dominate all.

Content Not Found: raven then mercilessly slits the Kolbolds throat, with a glint in his/her eyes that leaves the rest of the party taken back a touch.

Alileigh turns up a magical potion on the corpse of the Kolbold, which on further examination reveals an eyeball mixed in. None in the party have knowledge of the potion.

Finding a tunnel up ahead the party decide to enter but their combined weigh capsizes the tunnel & they find themselves in a lair of four fungus creatures.

They quickly dispatch the fungi with Content Not Found: raven summoning Hellish Rebuke from her finger melting the first.

Brathour goes on to split the second fungi cleanly in two halves.

Noire slays one fungi with his Rapier & then hurls his dagger at the last.

Lady Nymeria still in her spider form ends the last fungi with a poisoned bite.

A round of applause goes up from the party for Nymeria notching up up her second kill of the campaign. Before attentions turn to how they will get out of the fungi lair.

Arileigh swiftly rides Nymeria out in her spider form. Brathour manages the climb without breaking a sweat, leaving Noire & Content Not Found: raven to scrabble up in the rear.

Upon exiting the tunnel it is evident that the noise of the tunnels collapse & our skirmish with the fungi has alerted a gang of Kobolds to our presence.

Five Kobolds all mounted upon Weasels are waiting to attack…

Content Not Found: raven knocks a Kobold rider off it’s mount burning a hole through it’s chest with An Eldritch Blast.

Nymeria bites a Kolbold rider & Noire finishes him off with an arrow.

After a round of fighting Content Not Found: raven puts three Kobolds & three Weasels to sleep.

Brathour then strikes a fatal blow on one of the remaining Weasels.

Again after Nymeria strikes the remaining Weasel, Noire swiftly finishes it off with a arrow from the shadows.

The party hope to tie up the sleeping enemies before they awake from their induced slumber…

The party successfully tie up all enemies before they awaken and search the surrounding cavern. They find two guards gagged and tied. After a few questions they seem trustworthy and are untied. They provide information to the group of a beast in the cave system which has already taken one of their own and a plot of the Kobolds to attack the city.

Unfit to fight, the guards agree to take the remaining two Kobolds back for questioning and justice.

A small amount of loot is found at the end of a short natural tunnel. Although the party suspect and prepare for a trap it is safe.

A short rest helps the party for what’s to come.

Following the cave system back the way they came they search for this mysterious beast. In a cavern not previously searched the party can see a chest. Suspecting foul play again Raven conjures a mage hand to lift the lid. Revealing its true nature the chest chomps down with its lid, attempting to eat the mage hand.

The group fight valiantly against the beast, all hitting with incredible force before Nymeria deals the last blow. The creature never stood a chance.

Upon close examination the group discover it is a mimic beast luring people in with the promise of treasure. They also discover the fallen guards sash, another interesting looking potion and a grey steaming concoction.

Deciding to continue through the caves in an attempt to stop the Kobolds plans the party venture through a Kobold made tunnel. The tunnel leads them right to a group of five Kobolds relaxing around a fire while winged Kobolds roost on a ledge over head. Nymeria reacts first jumping into her spider form. The Kobolds have not noticed the group so Raven sends out a sleep spell and four Kobolds seemingly nod of to sleep of their own accord.

Arileigh, Nymeria and Noire try to bring down the winged Kobolds. Nymeria climbs up the wall to reach them, Arileigh critically injures one with an expert shot from her bow and Noire just missing.

The one awake Kobold at the fire notices somethings amiss but is stopped in his tracks by Brathours axe. Raven is able to finish him off with a eldrich blast to the face. He melts horribly. High above the winged Kobolds fly from their roosts and begin attacking the party.

Nymeria and Raven take heavy damage as the group whittle the attackers down to the last one. It turns and flees and only after many attempts by the party do they finally bring it down.

The group return to the fire. Three Kobolds have remained asleep during the attack. Noire heartlessly kills two as they sleep and the last is awoken for questioning. He reveals the way to their leader and is persuaded by Raven to leave the cave system, disabling all the traps on the way. The Kobold is grateful to leave with his life.

Another short rests helps the group recoup after the two major battles.

Noire is the first to venture down the next tunnel as the others wait for his scout report. He has discovered the leader and two mutated weasels at the bottom. Being as stealthy as possible the party head down. The weasels smell the approaching party and their cover is blown.

Quick action from Arileigh firing a shot straight at the leader but his reaction is swift and he is able to pull a weasel into the line of fire. Brathour receives some nasty damage from the wounded beast before Noire shots an arrow straight into its ear killing it.

Nymeria takes the form of a dire weasel and launches herself at the remaining weasel. An eldrich blast and arrow bring down the last mutated beast and the leader is left.

The leader disengages from the battle and runs. He is brought down by an arrow from Arileigh but a final arrow from Noire ends the fellows life.

The Party search for loot and retrieve the tied up weasels to bring back to civilization.

Return to Civilization
Level 3.

Leaving the caves with the 3 weasels & body of the deceased Kobold leader the group of adventurers head back to the kingdom of Tethyr.

First stop is The Black Knight for a meal & mead…

Inside Arileigh in approached by a ranger introducing himself as Artip, who offers to induct her into the ‘Conclave of the Beast’. Arileigh then disappears into the night with Artip.

Whilst the rest of the party share a beverage Noire steals off for a chance encounter with a hooded half Orc named Zhax. After a long conversation using Thieves Cant an challenge is set to ‘look after’ a Teifling called Zoris, which Noire accepts.

Upon returning to the table he finds Raven has shaved half of Nymeria’s hair.

Artip takes Arileigh on a tour of shops to buy provisions for the ritual ahead.

Upon retiring for the night, Raven’s sleep is troubled leading to a dream like plane where the Fey Queen of the Summer Court bestows a gift upon her the Book of Shadows.

Brathour having felt ill at ease in the surroundings of the city, leaves the Black Knight & strikes out wandering West. By the side of the river near a patch of trees Brathour notices a great eagle circling in the sky.
The great eagle sweeps round & plummets at Brathour seeming to evaporate upon impact with his chest. The words " Brathour I have chosen thou." resonating in his soul.

Arileigh wakes to find herself being stalked by a Black Panther, a connection between the two is made upon eye contact which leads to the Black Panther nuzzling her, the bond between Arileigh & Beast is forever forged…

Nymeria is summoned by Athena Twoor, in a separate part of the city, under a large oak tree the two meet. Speaking in Druidic she explains she is the Arch Druid advisor of Tethyr, Druid of the Moon who is willing to ascend Nymeria.

Upon agreeing Athena Twoor tries to help Nymeria in her quest for her daughter Layla. Unable to find any traces of her, she suggests that, that in itself could suggest a powerful magic at hand, & that she will investigate further…

A quick trip to the markets provided some gear for the group, including a disguise & poison kit for Arileigh & Noire.

The next stop was an Alchemist for more insight on the three unknown potions. Duri was in charge of the store, offering a hefty price of 150 gold pieces for knowledge of the potions, or doing her a favour by bringing her a Gargoyle heart.

The group accepted the wee quest, & Duri gave us a Adamantium dagger to remove the heart. Also as a down payment told us two of our three potions. Which were a potion of Heroism & Clairvoyance.

At the castle the group discovered the whereabouts of Vin’mar at the barracks. After recounting their trials in the caves & returning the two remaining sashes along with the corpse of the Kolbolt leader Vin’mar gives the party 140gp in total.

With no other quest to actively pursue the restless group of adventurers decide to take on the Gargoyle. They stop at the library to do some research into the legend. Turning up the odd detail, of magic or the metal adamantium harming the Gargoyle, as well as to change it from its stone form it’s name needs to be called three times. This particular legend derives from a wizard of old who was once beloved by his people.

With the crypt in old town, that is where they head next…

Between a Rock & a Gargoyle

As the sun rose over Darromir our adventures set off on their own errends in the city; Raven and Nymeria collected her hand crafted wooden sheild and some simple herbs. As they returned to the tavern Raven opened up to Nymeria about fears of loosing control with this magic, asking for Nymeria to help where she can.
Arileigh and Noire went into a pawn shop to trade our valuable items from our previous adventures.
Brathour waking up to an empty tavern decides to head down to the cemetery to scope it out. What he found was a large stone crypt, with his dwarven knowlege of stonework he could see that this stone crypt was strange. With no chisel marks and it appeared to be magically made, over the doorway was an unfamiliar script.
Back at the tavern Brathour shared his findings with the group and they were eager to look for themselves.

At the crypt Raven cast a ritual spell and then touched the writting on the crypt, it became readable and said

“What did the earth elemental father say to the child elementsl when he was in trouble?”
The group wracked their brains over the answer to this riddle when suddenly Raven called out “Your Grounded” as soon as the words were said thd stone doorway opened and a large gargole stepped out from inside, roaring to wake 3 zombies from the cemetery grounds.
The gargole lashed out at Raven, who was so suprised he was unable to cast any useful spells and dropping the adimantium dagger.
Arileigh used her daggers to attack the undead and seng beast in to battle the gargole.
Noire hide amongst the trees and fired expert shots at the emimies below. Brathour sliced up some zombies with his great axe and then ran to collect the dagger Raven dropped.
But Nymeria showed her true druid skills by casting a flaming sphere onto the vattlefeild and morfing into her direweasle for an epic fight with teeth. Nymeria flaming sphere smashed into the gargole and it fell to the ground, melting molten rock. Brathour quickly cut open the chest to reveal the heartstone of the gargole.

Inside the crypt Noire fell into a quick sand pit, he required all of the parties help to pull him out with rope, from there the adventures moved cautiously down into a large room with a sandfall in the centre. More writing could be seen in the sand so Raven reached into the sand and read out another riddle.
“Thought to be the colour of life, this stone should be cut before giving to your wife” Raven muttered the word Ruby and the sandfall stopped. At the base of the sandfall was some glittering so Raven dug through the sand to find 11 gems and a large magical Maul hammer, with precious stones incrusted over it. Raven called over Brathour and presented this beautiful piece or weaponery to him and everyone admired the new addition. There was also a desk with books, a story about Lanes adventures in the elemental plain, a tome full of the crazed writings of the possible Lane himself, and one thar fell to dust apon touching. With no more traps to find we headed back to finish our trade with Duri where she called us

“The Black Knight Heroes”

Thieves Abound!
Hunt for the Necromancer.
@ Sam & Emlee's

After being set the task of finding Zorus the Necromancer we were led to the sewers where the cultist were last seen. In the sewers Noir scouts and finds a staircase to a cellar, a quick reference to our maps and we are aware we have no idea where we are.
As we searched the house Noir came across Zorus himself casting his ritual spell. ‘You have come too late, my creature he lives’

Zorus forms a creatures, an undead beholder. Noir immediatly advances but Zorus jumps from the top story down to the next floor through a decaying hole in the floor and falls prone.
Araligh looses a powerful arrow against her favoured enemy, neither Nymerias dire weasle form or Beast are able to reach the creature with their pounce. Noir is then struck by a bolt of green lightning through his chest froma lighting storm forming on the ceiling. In response to this sudden surprise Noir runs and leaps onto the beholder but falls short, landing on the floor.
The beholder then looks towrd Araligh and fires a red beam from one of its eyes, Araligh is quick to respond and leaps to safety. Brathor filled with rage leaps at the undead creature and slams his maul into it, he grabs hold of an eye tentical as the beholder as it rises toward the lightning storm.
Eldrick blasts and ice knifes do little to slow the creature down as it beams green light at brathor who seams unaffected by it. As this happens Raven is also struck by the green lightning and noticies a familiaraity to this feeling.
Noir then marches up to Zorus and presses his boot onto his chest, he turns and takes aim with an arrow. He fires at the zombie beholder and brings it crashing to the ground.

Noir finds arcane runes tattooed on Zorus’s arm as he ties him up. He then slips Zorus a deathly poision as the others in the party were distracted. We loaded him up onto Nymerias horse form and walk him back to the Cracked Flaggon where we presented our bounty. In return for the living Zorus we recieved gold and some curious gloves that become invisible when wearing them.
On the walk back to our own pub Raven experiments with the gloves, pick pocketing our most perceptive companions Noir and Araligh.
In the Black Knight Raven sets a challenge for them to steel a hat from a man and a ribbon from a woman. Noir is able to use his skills of slight of hand to retreave the hat to which Raven plucks the feather from. Araligh on the other hand stumbles as she pulles at the ribbon and is caught in an awkward situation, as Raven laughs the gloves are given to Noir.

Return of Theren

As our heros rest at their favourite inn they are soon summoned to the castle where Theren Nightbreeze has returned. Not willing to seem desperate for a quest the group stop along the way allowing time for Noire and Brathour to grab tobacco, the former to smoke and later to chew. Noire coughs and splutters as they head down the road.
Upon meeting with Theren Nightbreeze he informs them of the quest in mind, one personal to him. The group are to find an ancient crypt in Erdale and retrieve the golden orb inside. Any loot along the way is theirs. They will also be joined by Emilia Lioncourt for part of the trip.
Because Erdale is a few days north the party decide to buy horses to get them there. Arileigh opts to purchase a saddle for Beast rather than a horse and Brathour oddly chooses a draft horse. The pair look comical to say the least.
As Emilia Lioncourt joins the group they begin their trek down the road. Soon they are amongst farm land some of which looks oddly unattended. A group of farmers stop them as they pass, asking for help. There is clear destruction to their fields and the farmers speak of a beast rampaging through. Our heros are willing to help so Arileigh tracks the beast to a thicket. Arileigh and Noire are the first to reach a clearing where they see the beast, a giant boar.
They both let off arrows but it is not enough to stop the boar charging. Another boar emerges from a burrow. Nymeria pounces into the fray as a dire weasle and Brathour throws a javelin into the second boar.
Back in the thicket Raven attempts to eldrich blast the second boar only to have the blast burn up in amongst the branches. “This is no time for gardening!!” Bellows Brathour. Emilia Lioncourt steps up and kills the second boar with bolts of fire. Noire finishes off the first boar by gutting it.
The group discover the boars babies nestled in the burrow. After much discussion it is decided there is no way for ghebabies to remain alive.Arileigh leaves the scene as Emilia Lioncourt casts a spell over them.
As night falls the group makes camp and watches begin. During Arileigh watch she hears something and wakes everyone except Emilia Lioncourt who although shaken does not wake.
Arileigh heads out with Ravens dancing lights and Noire runs out wearing only a G banger. 2 ogres can be seen one of which heads straight for Arileigh swinging a log. Brathour attacks in a rage, throwing a javelin at ogre 1. The second ogre throws a javelin hitting Beast and he falls to the ground bleeding out.
Brathour swings his maul into the face of the first ogre killing it.


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