Noble Wood Elf



Nymeria has been brought up as a lady. Living with the royal family in their small treetop kingdom.
Learning the ways of the Druid from her late Grandfather.
Marrying her partner from her various travels & bearing a beautiful energetic daughter named Layla.
Lady Nymeria has long brown hair with traditional Druidic tattoos hidden beneath her leathers.
One winter night, her kingdom was set upon. In the insusing chaos of the attack,
Layla was lost.
Nymeria later traced the scene to show Layla had survived & was stolen away.
Upon telling her family what she had discovered, they dismissed the claims & tried to convince her that the kingdom needed their/her undivided attention to rebuild & grow strong again.
That very night Nymeria stole away leaving her kingdom,family & title behind in search of her Layla…

Nymeria travelled for some time with the Black Knights, searching for her daughter. Eventually, after saving the entire village of Erdale from Emilia’s feywild ritual, Layla was returned to her, but now grown up to be almost the same age as Nymeria herself.

Having found her reason for adventuring, both elven ladies returned to their home and family.


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