Young Teifling Rogue



With a vague memory of the past, & left only with a overriding sense of being an outcast.
Bearing the mark/branded by a set of eyes surrounded with 7 stars.
With a telling sign of his moods, as his tail stirs when annoyed/upset.
Noire fell in with a couple of tricksters, together forming a bands known as ‘the Moondogs’.
Misadventures showcased a talent towards crime & a fondness of the shadows.
Time for the criminal trio ended in Noire left for dead & on the run…
Desperate for coin, Noire banded with a small group of adventurers for a quick quest.
After taking a fatal strike upon the quest, Noire is intrigued by the bond of loyalty felt for fellow adventures after being defended & revived from the brink of death…

After the incident in the throne room, the party began to make their escape tnrough Lion’s rest, the noble district of Darromar. However at some point Noire disappeared without a trace, leaving the others unsure of his fate…


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