Defenders of the Realm

The Secret Door

After a long rest the band of merry adventurers head toward the discovered secret door. Before entering Nymeria & Raven find a vase behind the alter. Nymeria tips the vase to discover a kitty of gold.

The secret door leads to a corridor, midway down a healing potion is found with a scroll Nymeria discerns to be “Sleat Storm”.

The corridor ends with another secret door which leads to the large chamber where the chest of gold was found.

Raven & Noire head to the entrance with Ashtongue & YipYip. Whilst attempting to deactivate the Muriel trap Arileigh, Brathour & Nymeria are ambushed by a pack of Kolbolts.

Once the Kolbolts have a round of attacks, mostly punishing Brathour. It’s inevitably the Black Knights turn…

Arileigh nails one with a swift arrow.
Raven hearing the ambush casts a her Kolbolt favourite ‘Sleep’ & sends 4 into a deep slumber…

Ashtongue knocks Raven to her knees by casting “Poison”.
Nymeria casts “Flaming Spere” onto the last Kolbolt awake from the ambush party.
Noire misses with a rapier strike but manages to gut Ashtongue with his cold dagger…
Brathour cleaves a sleeping Kolbolts head in two with his mighty axe.
Beast ends another sleeping Kolbolt.
Arileigh plunges her dagger through the eye of another dozing Kolbolt.

The ambush has backfired & is looking like a massacre, highlighted by another hapless Kolbolt igniting in flames from the residual heat of the Flaming Spere & their largest warrior fleeing…

On the other side of the room Raven punches a hole through the chest of YipYip, with the Eldritch blast striking the Muriel & setting off the trap. Raven without hesitation grabs Noire & hauls his skinny ass to safety.

Nymeria shifts her Flaming Spere to the last remaining Kolbolt standing, who is fleeing. When he’s still standing she gracefully launches an arrow into his shoulder.

With only a brief thanks to Raven, Noire covers the room to fire an arrow into the leg of the last Kolbolt.

With the Kolbolt still standing, a sudden but booming “Iron Within!” Is heard followed by the sickening thud of the Kolbolt’s head being bounced of the wall by Brathour. This putting an end to his retreat & ambush.

A quick search of the Kolbolts reveals nothing of interest, whilst Arileigh heals the weaken Raven.

After a recoupe the group head to the room with the Dragon fountain, after placing another gold piece in the fountain they continue down the corridor previously missed. Half way down they branch of, heading to a door seemingly leaking sunlight.

Upon entering the grassy sunlit chamber they notice a huge tree at its centre.
“Greetings Young ones.” The are met with from a deep, knarled old voice.

The tree speaks to Nymeria, talk turns to Dragons, the great (unknown) war, & the reason the Crypt was built. Father Oak doesn’t remember much of the past, his transformation into the Guardian has been for too long, his former self too faded…

Father Oak reveals the Orb they seek, isn’t complete & that only one piece is kept in the Crypt. Father Oak gives Nymeria a flask of “Growth”. Also he talked of the Fey & how there is portals into their world.

The Black Knights talk of their growing unease of Theren Nightbreeze. During the discussion Raven feels a strong need to meet with Queen Cyriana.

Leaving the chamber & continuing down the corridor they come to a door which Brathour kicks down.

Inside the room they are met with a group of Elemental creatures called “Minfits” who are tending to 5 model dragons sat upon pedalstools. “Boss” the Ice Element is the most talkative, but after an amusing few minutes the Black Knights realise no real sense is being made, so leave…

After trashing two library’s the group comes to 3 doors ranging in size from large to small. After trying the large door which lead to stairs, the group decides to hit this door last & after finding a dead end in the middle they open the small door which leads to a room with a huge mirror at the far end.

Looking into the mirror they see a reflection of the room which held the ’Minfits except instead of model dragons on the 5 pedalstools there are real Dragons. Brathour attempts to tap the mirror with his maul. Raven casts “Fey Presents” to stop him & removes the group from the chamber.

They then head to the large metal doors…


Ytnim Noire

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