Defenders of the Realm

Emerging From the Crypt

Miniature Black Knights

Heading through the hallway to exit the crypt the group after some effort manage to open a large trapdoor and find themselves back in the forest. After covering the crypt entrance to avoid unwanted visitors the black knights head back to the campsite next to where the crypt was first entered only to find kobold tracks as they get closer. As the group gets closer they find the campsite ransacked, the horses gone, and make the unfortunate discovery of Alex slumped up against a tree with her throat cut with all signs pointing to the group of kobolds the group encountered in the crypt. The group spends the next few hours rounding up the horses and wrapping up Alex’s body. With the horses all rounded up and the camp remade the black knights decide to cover the entrance to the crypt to keep it safe then settle in for the night. In the morning the black knights set off for the lumber camp and return Alex’s body to them. The group then decides to take the orb back to Erdale via the main road. After some time the group sees a crumbled tower in the distance and decide to get closer to investigate and find a starved giant sitting in a pile of filth chained up to the tower wall. Brathour who has met giants before tried in vain to befriend the giant with a ration bar but insteads nearly gets his arm bitten off before Arileigh fires an arrow at the giant. After a short struggle the group manages to kill the giant and search the tower. With night time approaching everyone tries to forage for food and set up camp for the night. After a couple hours sleep the group is ambushed by a group of bugbears and hobgoblins who the black knights dispatch of in short order but the hobgoblin leader manages to escape in the heat of battle. Grumpy and tired at being woken up from their slumber the black knights return to their bedrolls to get some rest before the long ride in the morning.


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